Pop-Up Mobile Barbershop

Helping you connect with men of today

The Barbershop Club is more than just a name or location, but an embodiment of a reputation in the men's grooming world for the highest standard of professionalism and in all aspects of manhood. Whether it is taming a man's mane with the shears, smoothing a cheek with a blade or even consulting a man in the ways of life, The Barbershop Club can perform all duties required of a gentleman barber. Our services can be performed anywhere and is not limited to the confines of the barbershop. A personal consultant will be provided to arrange to provide our services remotely in the full barbershop treatment, as well as provide a full array of consulting options as well. The consultant can work alongside a person or group to assist them with building a barbershop model that they can use, assist them with tailoring our services to fit a plan already in mind for remote services, or work alongside someone as they develop a long-term partnership with us for their events or occasions. The Barbershop Club is just that: a club, and we welcome you to join us as we journey to and through manhood as gentleman.

Whether it be weddings, corporate events or a personal request, there is no engagement too big or too small for The Barbershop Club to accommodate. All the services offered at our Hotel Normandie location we bring to you without losing any of the professionalism or tranquility of the traditional experience. Another facet of having us service your event is that we assign a personal consultant to build a personal service tailored to you while also working with your desired budget. Allow us to have you looking your best so when the big day comes, you will feel your best and be at your best when it matters to you the most.

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