Education and Consulting

In the business a Men

A Gun for hire....

As founder of Masculine Brands Inc., his award winning Barbershop Club and Profile Corporate , two companies that merge barber-stylist education and advanced trainings for all of the beauty and barber industry, Woody Lovell passion for teaching and learning has embraced him with an ability to communicate thoughtful and engaging content is why sets him apart as a well-received speaker and leader. Woody Lovell can be seen gracing the stages at the industry's biggest events as well as supporting multiple organizations through board opportunities and volunteer support.

Woody utilized the male grooming industry as a stage to engage and nurture relationships with men from all over the world who worked in entertainment, politics and high-powered positions.  These conversations and relationships have molded his philosophy of male grooming and the way that he has chosen to live his life.  As a developer of several social-club concepts, barbershops, male grooming product lines and as an activist of the male population, he has taken responsibility for the state of women's rights.  Today he still caters to that male ruling class and is also active as an image consultant, educator to the beauty industry about male businesses, homeschooler to his two children with his wife, and acting as the voice for all feminists.  All this while living a very Zen life.

“ Take a look at who you are and how you want to represent your brand--and live it every day--to make yourself your #1 asset. “